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  • Selling Your Home in Kitsap County

    The Way We Work

    We appreciate the opportunity to work with you. Listing your property with DUPUIS TEAM and Keller Williams West Sound will give you the best marketing exposure possible. We obviously have the same goal in mind – to get your property SOLD in the SHORTEST amount of time with the HIGHEST PRICE possible on terms that are convenient to you. There are several things that will allow us to work more effectively together as we pursue our common goal:

    COMMUNICATION It is important for us to communicate at all times through the listing period. We will inform you of showings and customer feedback, advertising, market swings, etc. We want to hear any questions or concerns at any time that you may have.

    FLYERS OR BROCHURES These are utilized as the “silent salesmen” and help agents and prospective buyers. We utilize “QR” codes, a “quick response” bar code that can be scanned by cell phones and deliver that potential buyer directly into your home’s mobile friendly website

    ADVERTISING Over 95% of buyers use the internet to search for homes. We make sure that your home has a strong internet presence and is seen by the greatest number of potential buyers. Your home will be found on real estate search titans like Zillow.com, Realtor.com, Trulia.com and KW.com, as well as over twenty other real estate websites. 

    FEEDBACK It is one of the most important parts of the marketing program! You will receive instant feedback from every showing. In addition, we need feedback from you as well.

    Anytime you have a question, concern or comment, please reach out to us. You can reach our Team Manager John by email at John@DupuisTeam.com. You can also reach our Transaction Coordinator Lorien by email at Lorien@DupuisTeam.com. You can reach me with the info that is on my card.

    SHOWING YOUR PROPERTY Although we show and sell a lot of properties, we may not be the one to show your property most, if at all. This is due in part to my marketing your property to other agents and the public. We may not be the one who actually sells your property, but we will be the REASON IT SELLS!

    20 Point Marketing Plan

    95% of buyers now search for their home online whether they are using a real estate professional or not. The use of marketing with technology is essential in the success of the sale of your home. Our 20 point marketing plan is a thoughtful strategy that places your home in front of the most buyers.

    1. Internet Marketing – In addition to our website www.FindKitsapCountyHomes.com, your home will be found on KW.com, Zillow.com, Trulia.com, Realtor.com as well as over 20+ other real estate websites that market your home to buyers.  

    2. KW.com and Zillow.com – We receive all leads our website, KW, and Zillow receives on your home, we respond to all leads, and personally show your home.

    3. Marketing Fliers – Detailed color fliers advertising your home for sale. Available on the “for sale” sign and distributed online to targeted interested buyers.

    4. MLS – We enter detailed and accurate MLS information that includes keywords to lead agents to your listing for their interested buyers. Savvy MLS data entry can double viewings on your house listing which attracts buyers.

    5. Reverse Prospecting – Email targeted real estate professionals who have buyers looking for a home with your home’s specifications. Follow up when these real estate professionals view your home. 

    6. Broker’s Caravan – Provide an “open house” to Kitsap County real estate professionals and solicit directed, targeted feedback from area brokers.

    7. Direct Mail – Post cards/Fliers, etc. mailed to local area advertising your home for sale.

    8. Professional Photos (Free to seller) – Dupuis Team hires the best professional photographers available to photograph your home for listing photos. 

    9. Video (FREE to seller) – Dupuis Team provides the best professional video used in marketing house to buyers.

    10. Virtual Tour – Every property listed with Stephanie receives a virtual tour featuring your home. 

    11. Staging – Dupuis Team provides a FREE staging consult with a professional stager.

    12. Open Houses – One per month or as needed. To be discussed for owner-occupied homes.

    13. Personally invite your neighbors to the Open House and/or preview.

    14. Door Knocking - Dupuis Team door knocks neighborhood inviting neighbors to open houses and announcing listing.

    15. Prospect Daily - Dupuis Team prospects daily between 9am-11am to find a buyer for your home.

    16. Aggressive follow up with prospective buyers - This includes follow up showings, reverse prospecting on MLS, sign calls, fliers, post cards, and online marketing calls, etc. 

    17. Weekly Check-In Updates – We help you “Stay on the pulse” of your home sale.

    18. Feedback from showings – Dupuis Team utilizes Pro Agent Solutions feedback systems to get feedback from agents who’ve shown your home and deliver that feedback directly to you.

    19. Email - new listings, pendings, and solds in your neighborhood.

    20. Review pricing - periodically and notify you immediately of market changes.

    People Love Us
    Getting Ready for Photos
    Now its time to get your home out there, and the best step for that is photos.  For standard sized house, about 3,500 sq. ft., the photographer should take about an hour, but larger homes that can take longer.

    When we take photos for listing your home, we are going to get both interior and exterior photos, including all major rooms.  You can make this process as smooth as possible, and make the home looks its best by doing a little preparation ahead of time.

    Keep these in mind as you get your home ready:  
    • There is a lot to do, and it can feel daunting, but the better the home shows in the pictures, the more likely buyers will want to view it and buy it.  
    • We are not photographing your home, we are photographing the potential new home of prospective buyers.
    • High quality photography will show the home exactly as it is.  Some minor flaws and dirt can be corrected in post-processing, but if you can see it with your eye the camera will pick it up in the photographs.
    General Prep Work:
    • Good lighting is key. Turn on every light.  Open all your blinds, shutters and curtains. Replace any and all burned out bulbs. 
    • Hide the clutter.
    • Clear out family photos, personal effects, and religious symbols. 
    • Remove excess furnishings and knick-knacks from rooms.
    • Pick up throw rugs and runners so that the floor can be clearly seen.
    • Wash the windows (or have them washed).
    • Vacuum and/or mop the floors.
    Home Exterior:
    • Remove all cars, boats, RVs, etc. from the driveways and do not park directly in front of the house.
    • Move garbage and recycling cans out of sight.
    • Remove all garden tools, hoses, and clutter.
    • Pick up after your pets.
    • Mow the grass, rake up leaves and debris, pull weeds and remove any dead vegetation.
    • If you are feeling ambitious, plant some fresh flowers in empty planters and pots.
    • Sweep driveways, sidewalks and patios.
    Living & Family Room:
    • Remove newspapers and magazines and put away books.
    • Tuck the remote controls in a draw to get them out of sight.
    • Conceal exposed cables and cords as best that you can.
    • Remove clutter, personal photos, the kids toys, etc. from bookshelves, tables and the floor.
    • Dust and vacuum.  Dust can show in a photograph.
    • Wash any glass surfaces including table tops, cabinet doors and windows.  
    • Straighten pillows and throws.
    • Make the beds neatly. 
    • Tidy up, dust and vacuum.
    • Pick up and put away clothes and shoes.
    • Remove items from bedside tables books, magazines, pictures, clock radios, etc.
    • In the kid’s rooms put excess toys out of sight, take posters and drawings off the walls, and straighten up overall.
    • Put small appliances, knife blocks and kitchen gadgets away and off the counters
    • Remove photos, notes, papers and magnets from the refrigerator.
    • Clean the major appliances refrigerator, oven, stove top, range hood, and dishwasher.
    • Wipe down the counter tops.
    • Don't leave any dirty dishes in the sink or sponges, dish towels, dish soap or the like near the sink.
    • Move trash cans out of site.
    Dining Room:
    • Dust the furniture and vacuum the floors.
    • Setting the table with nice dinnerware, napkins and a centerpiece can give a homey feel. 
    • If you have a China cabinet make sure things are straight and tidy inside.
    • Clear off the counter tops; toiletries, tissues, hair products, just about everything should be put away.
    • Remove personal care products and children's bath toys from the shower and tub.
    • Make sure towels are folded neatly and are straight on the towel bars.
    • Close the lid on the toilets.
    • Mirrors and shower doors should be clean.
    How to Show your House
    Part of the home selling process is letting others view your house. The goal is for buyers to see themselves in your house wanting to call it home.  This is harder than it sounds.  Too often sellers become their own worst enemy while trying to sell their home. Here are some rock-solid tips to make sure your showing experience is best.

    1. Looks are everything. You want the potential buyer to see themselves moving in, but that is not going to happen if there is too much clutter around the house, or it looks too personal to you.  Clean up and de-clutter the entire house and yard. Take down your personal photos and put something vague and beautiful up. It should look like “a house” not “your house”.
    2. Clean. Dust bunnies are not cute to a potential buyer.  Making sure the house is spick and span will be the best way to give buyers the canvas they need to see their lives on.  So even if our photographer could take it out with Photoshop, you still need to clean it up for showings. We recommend hiring a professional cleaning.
    3. Lights. Let there be LOTS of light.  Any dark shadowy places in your home will not build the vibe of “I want to live here”. Instead your potential buyer will be thinking about the last scary movie they saw, and wonder if their fate will be different. 
    4. Make it smell like home. Seeing maybe be believing, and smelling is too! While being beautiful, if a house has a funky odor, people will not want to move in. Odors signal that something messy and dirty was happening here, and is hidden now.  You should open the windows, Febreze the couch and curtains, maybe even light a candle.
    5. Think about Safety! People are going to be snooping through your house when they come to see it.  While some is going to be justified (they’ll want to see how much they can store behind the bathroom mirror) some is not (like seeing what your mail looks like).  Dupuis Team will insist that other agents accompany their clients in your house, but still you need to protect your belongings.  You should lock up and safely store any of the following: Mail, Jewelry, Weapons, Prescription Drugs, items of sentimental or financial value, etc. When in doubt, lock it up.
    6. Pets need to leave. They are sweet and wonderful, but they are not a buyer’s dream. Having pets in the house can cause smells that will repulse buyers. They can also call the quality and cleanliness of the home into question.  So, while you are trying to sell your home, find a place for the pets to stay, and store all your pet’s toys and things somewhere out of sight.
    7. Get it ready and Get out. Once you’ve done all you can to make your house someone else’s dream home, you should leave. Buyers will feel uncomfortable being honest with their broker about the house if you are nearby. Also, like with talking to the police, anything you say can and will be used against you (and possibly in a court of law).  Sellers dig themselves into holes with their own words all the time.  Best thing to do is not be around when a potential buyer is there, and only negotiate with them through your broker.