Want to Buy a House But Don't Know How? Start Here!

Want to Buy a House But Don't Know How? Start Here!

If you have never purchased a home, it can seem like a very intimidating, intrusive, cumbersome, scary, and bewildering process.  You might have a lot of anxiety attached to the idea, or even some feelings of shame, if it seems like everyone you know has bought a house . . . except you.  There is a lot of "success" associated with becoming a homeowner, and it is easy to feel left out of that celebratory status.

Believe us, we understand.  At Dupuis Team, we have ALL come from a place where, at one time or another (...or several times) were renters still.  Nobody just wakes up one day and knows how to do this stuff!  All of us  had to learn, step by step. 

Furthermore - we just want to say up front, there are VERY good reasons people - SUCCESSFUL people you could look up to in every way - do not presently own a home.  For example, sometimes people know they will not be in a location very long, and would not recoup any of the costs associated with purchasing.  Sometimes people need to be in a flexible living arrangement that allows them to travel for extended times, perhaps for business.  Sometimes, people are in transition in their personal lives - getting married, getting divorced, adjusting to an elder at home (or losing one), making a career change.  All of these types of factors can be reasons to wait - which we fully support.  We are prepared to tell people that we don't think it's the right time for them to buy, and are happy to offer suggestions about to get from Point A to Point B, if you fall in the category. 

That's right - we're happy to talk to you about how to buy a house SOMEDAY, even if you aren't going to buy right now.  We view ourselves primarily as real estate transaction ADVISORS - not salespeople.  We know local Kitsap real estate inside and out, so that our clients don't have to personally spend the time learning it.  We can cut to the chase for whatever YOUR unique circumstances might be.

That said . . . if you aren't a homeowner right now, you are probably being bombarded with advice from all sectors to hurry up and get with the program, right?  Well, it's possibly the right advice - interest rates are unbelievably low right now, and Kitsap has wonderful starter homes.  That alone has a lot of people motivated to make their purchase happen.  As one of the largest purchases you'll ever make, that rate is a big deal indeed.  Furthermore, current events have pushed many sellers to move ahead with plans to change their own housing - making some very interesting properties available.

So, where do you start?  Our market in Kitsap is really unique, as in some senses we are a semi-rural, heavily blue collar/military area - and the homes reflect that.  On the other hand, our status as a bedroom/commuter community for greater Seattle continues to boom, and some of our housing inventory reflects that, too.  These competing realities make for a very tight buyer's market right now, and it may take some special know how to actually put in a winning bid on a home.  That's where Dupuis Team can come in as your buyer's agent and make your homeowner dreams come true - we can guide you the whole way.

The very first thing you should do is simply give one of us a call.  We are all very welcoming of first time buyers, and are very accustomed to the extra time and attention it takes.  We're here for you!

That said, we suggest the following as homework.  If anything here baffles you, it certainly confounded one of us, once upon a time too!  You are welcome to ask us to clarify or expound on ANYthing.

If you are also going to be new to Kitsap, we suggest you check out past blog articles with the Kitsap Life tag, and do a little reading about the local area.  (Tip: this is ALSO a topic which we can expound on with glee, so feel free to ask us anything of that nature, too!)  We look forward to hearing from you soon!  Best wishes as you start your real estate journey!

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