The Value (and Fun!) of Real Estate Daydreaming

It's true . . . we on the team spend a LOT of time perusing real estate listings with diligence and a serious mindset: after all, we have clients who depend on recommendations, and we want to find good matches.  The more we know about what's available RIGHT NOW, the better we can serve YOU.

But we'd all confess to something else: real estate daydreaming!  If you're not familiar with this particular time waster pastime, it goes like this:  look up what's for sale DRAMATICALLY out of your price range - or dramatically out of your zip code: 

We love the waterfront views in Kitsap, but it's a fair statement that we lack that Maldive-style turquoise water. Puget Sound is a thing most enjoy fully clothed.

It's fun to indulge the "what ifs" and see some crazy high-end, far off real estate.  Might you need 11 en suite bathrooms and a ballroom?  Room for a household staff of 85? Grounds where you can personally host The Great British Bakeoff?

Or are you perhaps looking for the ideal in Social Distancing households?  May we suggest your own forest cabin . . . in your own forest?

While these are actually stock photos and not properties for sale . . . you see how the game is played!  It's always fun to daydream, and see what's out there in the world.  Adjust the parameters on your searches, and see what you come up with!

And to put a less frivolous spin on the diversion, we actually think it DOES serve a purpose: there is value in seeing properties both above and below your intended price range.  It helps you understand where your own chosen property will lie in relation to others, but it also helps to quietly inform your own sense of design and choices available for the home you do purchase.  It's entirely possible to bring high end touches to the midrange home, in areas where it matters to you.  With a little DIY elbow grease and some good product sourcing, you can install much nicer bathroom fixtures and prettier tile than standard builder grade:

Well, maybe a recessed mirror is more fussy than you want to deal with...but no judgement if this is in your "ideas" folder on Pintrest!  That's really the point to the daydreaming - it sparks ideas you really CAN use, even if the reality of your own real estate shopping is a lot different than some glossy pictures. Dive in and see what you come up with!

Bonus link: Are you looking for something more real-world practical to do?  This article lists 54 projects you can tackle now, from one of our favorite DIY blogs!

If you're drilling down on your own dreams, give us a call at Dupuis Team - we are fully open for business during the social distancing precautions, and can help you from end to end on your next real estate transaction.

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