Take or Toss? Time to Declutter!

Moving  Boxes

Many of us who are planning real estate adventures this coming season, find we've got a little more time at home just now with quarantine rules in effect.  It can feel like things are at a standstill - although Dupuis Team is still very much at your service right now!  One thing you can do in the meantime is show your home and your belongings extra love - when it comes time to move, it will go that much smoother.

A great place to start (especially when it's still a little chilly for outdoor work) is simple decluttering.  Try very hard to put your hands on absolutely everything in the house - if you're selling, the house will be SO much easier to stage, and you'll pay less in storage and moving fees.  If you're a buyer, you'll be confident about how much space you really need in your new place - and leaving your rental behind will be a breeze.

Today's infographic is a great guide, if you're someone who gets overwhelmed by their own stuff - it can be hard just to know how to move forward sometimes.  Bear in mind that thrift shops are closed right now, so the "donate" option may need to wait a bit.  Here's to being one step closer to your next home, no matter what else is happening around you!

Decluttering Infographic

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