Shred, Save, or Store? Clean Up Your Personal Paperwork!

If you're buying your first home, you might be astonished by the amount of paperwork that is involved . . . and by (frankly) how nosy some of it gets to be.  If you're buying or selling several houses into your real estate lifetime . . . you actually might be pleasantly surprised to find out there is LESS, because we've managed to shift some processes to be electronic these days . . . you'll have many requests for your electronic signature throughout.

Being able to put your hands (or mouse) on the documents of your choice, quickly and securely, will help your real estate transaction go as smoothly as possible - and that's what Dupuis Team wants for you! This is one of those tasks you can see to early in your process, which will pay dividends as closing comes nearer.  You'll be glad not to be awash in a sea of papers after everything is finished, too.

We're sharing this infographic with specifics on how to handle each piece of paper around you.  If you are unsure how to handle a real estate specific document, your real estate agent at Dupuis Team will be happy to fill you in, just give us a ring!  Contact info is down below.

For further reading, we suggest diving into organizing the files once they are on your computer:

Shred, Scan, or Store?  Organize Your Paperwork!

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