Real Estate Wordle?

Real Estate Wordle?

Like many (most?) of our friends, families, and clients, we are nuts for the latest online puzzle craze, Wordle.  Many of us do it first thing in the morning, and text each other - "Did you get it yet?  How many lines?  If I send you a screenshot of my progress, can I have a hint for Line 5?"  (...maybe that's just this author, haha!)  For sure we are seeing our friends post their daily scores on their social medias, celebrate when they do well and commiserate when the solution is just out of reach.

Heck, it's even spawned a slew of spin-offs.  Now there's Nerdle, Quordle, Octordle, non-English versions (can you solve it in your high school French?) and a whole archive of old official puzzles.

This article by the University of Florida press got us thinking about the appeal, and we started thinking about how it applies to real estate in particular. From the article:

  • It delivers an "aha!" moment - even if you lose
  • It suits our pandemic-adled mind
  • It's shared
  • It's binge proof
  • It shows how we stack up

And yeah, we all really relate to that around here!  And we think you might, too.  We love those "aha" moments in real estate - when we suddenly think of the right property for a client, or the right angle for a seller. 

And pandemic-adled minds?  Well, we might have put it a little more gently - but yeah, we all feel a little fuzzy some days, that's not a big secret.  Life has definitely been weird the past two years.  We hope you're being gentle with yourself on that front.

The best thing, the sharing - for sure, we love that about real estate.  Most of our business IS sharing: sharing knowledge, sharing resources, sharing the way forward for our clients.  Without that element of cooperation, real estate would grind to a halt - and so would Wordle.  We'll leave it to you to decide which one is the more important, haha.

And binge proof? Good point. A few of us are a little prone to diving into the new Netflix season of our favorite series and tuning out life for awhile. Once in awhile that can let you recharge, but it can get out of control.  And Wordle doesn't let you do that.  And we think this is a good message when you're involved in a real estate transaction - it can start to feel all-consuming.  It's important to remember it will get done in small bites, one task after the next.  (And your agent will be your best guide to staying on top of that, and not feeling like you just want to, you know, binge TWO Netflix series...)

And lastly: it shows how you stack up.  This is not a small thing!  We know it plays a big role in how we conduct ourselves at Dupuis Team. We follow the market numbers very closely (and want to know how the market stacks up on any given day) and internally, we follow our team's progress closely too.  We can't know where we're going, if we don't know where we've been.  We think you'll be impressed at how our team stacks up too.  Give us a ring today and let us know how we can help with your next real estate transaction.  As soon as you solve today's Wordle, of course!

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