Infographic: Real Estate Terms A-Z

Mortgage Terms A-Z: Infographic!

If you are new to the buying or selling of real estate, or if it's been awhile since you had to think about such things, the vocabulary alone can seem overwhelming - we are pretty sure the perceived learning curve keeps some qualified folks away from the table, sadly.  We have a somewhat toxic culture in America that seems to say, "You're supposed to know all of this already, and shame on you if you don't - you'll obviously never get there."

We're here to try and blow that out of the water.  For starters, we are actually HERE EVERY DAY to help you with this stuff - there is no question too stupid to ask.  Every single person growing their own personal financial security via real estate, started from scratch.  Someone told them how.  (It's us!  We're YOUR someone!!)  And it's time to knock that silly notion on its head: it's not a weakness or failure to ask for help, it's SMART.  It's how you're going to get through a real estate transaction.  And believe us, with a little Dupuis Team help along the way - you won't believe you put it off just because it seemed so complicated.

For sure, the specialized vocabulary involved in real estate can seem daunting.  Largely, that's because it's both a financial and legal happening in your life - and those fields are necessarily EXTREMELY precise when it comes to how things are worded.  Real Estate borrows terms from those areas, and . . . here we are.  Great big fifty cent words, when nickels really might have done the trick. 

Failing that, we're offering up a handy guide you can download and keep close as a reference for mortgage terms especially.  And remember, your DupuisTeam broker is just a call, text, or email away if you ever need clarification or guidance.  Someone took the time to explain it to us once, too.  It's our privilege and pleasure to pass that along now!

Mortgage Terms A-Z: Infographic!

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