Our Best Tips on How to Hire a Contractor

For the new homeowner, nothing beats that feeling when you get handed the keys.  For a great many of us, however, it's not the end of the process: it's very common to buy homes that require some fixing and tweaking to make them our own.  Roofs might need patching before the rain flies, gutters might need cleaning, and walls might need painting.  Maybe you have your heart set on some Smart Home upgrades - the list can be long!

While lots of hardy DIY types are out there, the vast majority of homeowners will need to hire out these sorts of jobs.  If you are brand new to homeowning, it may be your first foray into working with a contractor.  Today's infographic offers some tips for getting the contract sealed, and the home upgrades and repairs underway!

Did you know Dupuis Team maintains a list of recommended home contracting vendors who serve the Kitsap area?  Click on the "hamburger" (three line) menu item reading "More" up above, then select "Vendors." You'll be given a link to download a .pdf file, which we update periodically for your convenience.

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