Happy Halloween! Dupuis Team Takes the Fright out of Real Estate Terms

Happy Halloween, Kitsap!

Happy Halloween, Kitsap county!  Things are a little different this year thanks to safe observances for COVID, but we are still enjoying the crisp nights and our beautiful fall colors in West Puget Sound. 

To make real estate transactions seem a little less spooooooooky, we whipped up this festive, custom infographic that defines some common real estate terms.  You'll undoubtedly run into nearly all of them, whether you're the buyer or seller:

Don't Be Frightened By Real Estate Terms - Infographic

In addition to this fun graphic, we want to point you to our entire blog directory of topics - particularly the Real Estate Basics tagged subjects - and our YouTube channel, where we put out regular updates on the Kitsap market, and the insider info you NEED, for your next Kitsap real estate deal - there is quite a library of topics!  Give us a ring at #DupuisTeam, and we'll walk you through everything today!

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