Friday Fun: Real Estate Themed Movie Marathon

Real Estate Films

We are all looking for at-home entertainment these days, and a good old couch potato Netflix (..or hulu, or Amazon Prime, or Disney +, or . . .) binge has surged to the top of how people are passing their time in quarantine. Not surprisingly, there have not been scores and scores of blockbuster films about real estate - somehow, Thor, Spiderman, and friends make for better escapist viewing.  We get that!  Although we've heard the word "hero" escape the mouth of more than one happy client in a tough housing spot, to describe Dupuis Team help, ha!  But we'd like to think it takes a particularly good story to make DRAMA out of real estate:  the truth is that most transactions happen smoothly for everyone  and there isn't any drama to report.  "I'm so glad I became a homeowner and settled into my own place" just doesn't make a great movie, even though we think it's a script for a great life.

Nonetheless, many filmmakers have grappled with the topic and come up with some classics. With the weekend upon us, we'd like to offer the following real estate themed suggestions for your queue (links are all YouTube trailers:)

  • The Big Short (2015) A film that didn't get a lot of notice when it came out, but features several big name actors.  The movie takes a look at the circumstances that led to the 2009 mortgage-industry crisis, and subsequent housing market crash. 
  • American Beauty (1999) Only peripherally about real estate, the film does have one character who finds herself and thrives as a realtor.
  • Pocket Listing (2016) Set in the world of Los Angeles real estate, this is termed a "satirical thriller" by IMDB.
  • Pacific Heights (1990) - A real thriller in the old school, slow-burn Hitchcock style. 
  • The Laundromat (2019) - A Netflix original, this film looks at an economic world beyond (but including) real estate.  An excellent exposé style film.
  • The Money Pit (1986) - A comedy starring a very young Tom Hanks and Shelly Long.  This movie manages to be just screwball enough to leave us cry-laughing, and not cry-crying over relating to our own renovations misadventures.
  • I Love You Man (2009) - A great Paul Rudd comedy examining friendships and what they are made of - but set amid his misadventures as an LA realtor.
  • Baby Boom (1987) - A very funny romp featuring a Manhattan yuppie's total pivot into country homeowner when she inherits possibly the world's cutest toddler.  The backdrop to the film is her renovation of the wonderful farmhouse she buys.
  • Adult World (2013) - A comedy depicts, in part, the less conventional approach Millenials take to housing, given their own unique challenges and worldviews.

We love to watch films set amid the thing we're passionate about - housing and real estate - even if the details get embellished for dramatic and comedic value.  We hope this gives you some ideas for weekend fun, too! 

If we can assist you with your much less dramatic (or funny) real estate needs here in the Kitsap area, please give us a call at Dupuis Team - we are 100% open during the coronavirus related Stay Home order, and still conducting listings, showings, and closings with some pretty nifty adaptations.  We'd love to give you a hand!

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