Dupuis Team says: Happy Puppy Day

Happy National Puppy Day

Today is National Puppy* Day, and we at Dupuis Team are happy to encourage its observance!  It's no secret we love our own mutts, and heavily encourage the use of our local shelters, to adopt. We've also written previously about the (extremely) dog-friendly environment you'll find in the Kitsap area

One of the great points about being a homeowner - you get to dictate the pet rules!  There are no pet deposits to pay (and almost certainly lose.)  There isn't any dealing with apartment neighbors who are hostile to your pet, or who don't train and care for their own pets. You're free to alter the home or yard as you see fit, to accommodate your pet. Taking on homeownership makes can really make it easier to relax into being a responsible and happy pet owner - which in turn, makes for happy pets.

If you've been thinking about adopting a dog, we're here to applaud your decision, and urge you on!  Here in Kitsap, we have three main animal shelters for pets: Kitsap Humane Society (in Silverdale); Kitsap Animal Rescue & Education (in Silverdale); and PAWS of Bremerton.  (Additionally, there is a wildlife rehab center in Bainbridge, for those interested.)  Due to the current coronavirus outbreak, these shelters are altering how they do business.  Rather than reprint how they are individually managing the safety of their human volunteers (which may necessarily change in future) we'll just provide the links, and suggest you update yourself before contacting the agency. 

If you'd like to expand your search, there's always browsing PetFinder.com, a happy pastime several of us like to engage in on the regular.  (It's possible we have almost always have real estate listings open in one browser tab, and Pet Finder in another . . . )

We've seen a suggestion for those who may be considering adoption while practicing social isolation, and perhaps working for home from a time: consider adopting a senior dog.  They are often harder to adopt out, and your availability to be home right now, will benefit the animal's adjustment to your household.  It's not the right choice for everyone, but it's worth considering.

Is your housing situation standing between you and pet ownership - or pet ownership as you'd like it to be?  Give us a ring at Dupuis Team, and we'll help you make your next real estate decision.  As a team already thoroughly adapted to working remotely, we are 100% open for business as usual right now, and look forward to hearing from you!

(*We'd like to point out that for the purposes of this particular holiday: all dogs, regardless of age, are puppies.  This is a non-contestable point, known to be true by all dog owners Wink!)

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