Can the Chinese Real Estate Market Tell Us When to Buy or Sell in Kitsap?

Can the Chinese Real Estate Market Tell Us When to Buy or Sell in Kitsap?

We know a lot of people feel uncertain about the real estate market right now, here at home in Kitsap and everywhere. The mortgage industry is scrambling to realign itself, which has a strong ripple effect on buyers and sellers.  Unemployment is a big concern as well.  Despite these issues, our local market remains robust - the numbers honestly have been a happy surprise. (Keep up with the weekly stats yourself here!)

This week, we are also hearing news about the recovery of the Chinese real estate market, following their experience with impact due to COVID-19 infection.  As they are a couple months ahead of us in dealing with this, we wonder if the same effect will show up in Kitsap, here in this week's Dupuis Team video:

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We hope you are all keeping healthy and happy during quarantine time.  Please call on us at Dupuis Team if we can answer any questions regarding your own unique real estate situation, and how we can help.  We are 100% open for business, and are doing completely virtual listings and contact free closings for our clients right now.

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