Arts and Culture in Kitsap: A Real Treasure!

Arts and Culture in Kitsap Area

Ask around the greater Seattle area, and people will sometimes (patronizingly?) say of Kitsap residents:  "You must love how close you are to Seattle!  Just an hour on the boat to the amazing Seattle area cultural offerings!" 

Well, yes.  We do love how easy it is to get into Seattle.  Seattle does have wonderful offerings.  But it overlooks something fundamental: Kitsap has some marvelous attractions right here at home, no ferry trip required.  (...unless you're a Seattlite to start with: then you're welcome to take the ferry over here and enjoy our offerings, ha!)  Furthermore, we find that prices for events and attractions are much more affordable on this side of the water, to go with our saner cost of living.

Informally, the area has many, many pockets of FANTASTIC antiquing and vintage shopping - and the prices are unbelievably better on this side of the Sound.  It can be a wonderful way to wile away a long weekend, wandering back roads and quaint downtown areas -  and it's an obvious companion to one of the more organized Beer or Winery trail visits laid out for Kitsap. 

If you enjoy live music, we suggest starting at's Entertainment page, but also keeping a close eye on this Local Music Scene - Kitsap County Facebook group, and the Kitsap Sun's Events page.

Are more contemplative arts your thing?  We have an impressive range of museums, ranging from historical to fine arts, plus a large number of galleries that showcase local artists. This page offers a fairly comprehensive roundup of these institutions.

If you are thinking of relocating to the Kitsap area, particularly from a more urban area like Seattle, you may be concerned about giving up easy access to cultural events practically happening on your doorstep.  We here at Dupuis Team are huge supporters of local arts, and encourage potential Kitsapians to visit, perhaps for some of our own local arts and cultural attractions as a way to sample the area. Give us a call today, if we can help you imagine yourself joining us on the right West side of the Sound!

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