8 Things NOT to Do Right Before You Buy Your New House!

It can seem like there are a million things to cross off on your To Do list, when it comes to house hunting, securing a new mortgage, and moving.  Did you know that there are some things you should be careful NOT to do?  Here's a helpful infographic to help steer you down the Straight and Narrow, when it comes to home ownership.

In summary:

  • Don't Apply for a New Credit Card
  • Don't Buy a New Car
  • Don't Furnish the House Before You've Bought It
  • Avoid Changing Jobs
  • Don't Close Any Credit Accounts
  • Don't Get Behind on Any Payments
  • Don't Spend Your Savings
  • Don't Move Money Without a Paper Trail

Feeling unsure about where you stand?  Give us a call today at Dupuis Team Real Estate - we're always happy to lend an ear, and offer advice on your home buying process!

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