5 Worst Home Improvements for Sellers

When you think of home improvements, it's often the sorts of little luxuries that would make living in your home that much nicer, or more efficient.  And when you expect to live in your home for a long time to come, then it's fine to let taste and budget be your guide.

However, if you are thinking of selling soon, you are likely thinking to improve the saleability or sale price of your home.  Those are reasonable things to be interested in when it comes to real estate, but you should be cautious - you have to approach home improvements during this phase with an eye on your return of investment. Not all home improvements are created equal!

We aren't covering home REPAIRS here, which may be necessary in order to close on the home's sale.  Basically, this is the difference between fixing a leaky roof or deciding on your own that an attractive metal roof is exactly what the home needs.

If you're considering listing or upgrading your home, please give Dupuis Team a call - we are always happy to discuss the ins and outs of your situation, your property's particulars, and the exact nature of Kitsap area real estate!

5 Worst Home Improvements for Sellers

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