Justine Carson
Justine Carson
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Hi there! I'll make this short and sweet like your home buying/selling process should be.
I'm a California-born, Kitsap County, Washington resident of the last 17 years. Mom of 3, LEO wife, and proud supporter of our First Responders and military!

My professional background includes Property Management, 911 Dispatching, Insurance work, and Waitressing.

My personal background is all horses since my childhood- I've worked hard to joyfully pursue that passion to this day. I pride myself on being honest, loyal, and direct in my personal & professional life. I'll never "car salesman" you into purchasing or selling a property, where's the good karma in that?

To wrap it up, I believe Real Estate should be said with a smile and done with excitement. It should be easy on the buyer/seller, otherwise it's not being done right. I won't let you make a bad purchase and I will not represent a dishonest sale. That's the end of my story here, reach out anytime!