Kitsap Weekly Stats Infographic

While your own home is as unique as a fingerprint - and its facts and figures will be as individual as the people who live in it - we believe it is very instructive and important to follow the overal trends of the housing market here in Kitsap.  It alerts us to the shifts between a buyer's and a seller's market, it can signal when inventory is low, and we can see when buyers are likely poised to move.  You can study how your own home stacks up against the averages, and have a more informed idea of what your market niche will be . . . or conversely, if you are buying - you'll know where your market position sits, and how many homes are typically astride that slice.

We've offered our Weekly Market Stats for a long time as a paper or .pdf handout directly to our clients.  Recently, we've overhauled the design, making it a bit more readable and adding a little Dupuis Team polish to it.  It makes sense to offer it as a help-yourself download here on the website as well, for maximum readership - look for the update midday on Mondays! 

Kitsap Weekly Market Stats

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